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Global Anaesthesia Devices Market to Expand as Demand for Better Quality of Care for Animals Rises, Says Fortune Business Insights

Global Anaesthesia Devices Market to Get Competitive; Zoetis Completes Acquisition of Abaxis, Says Fortune Business Insights

The global “veterinary anaesthesia devices” market is poised to grow at a considerable rate on account of the rising incidence of animal diseases. Valuable market insights have been shared by Fortune Business Insights in its report, titled “Veterinary Anaesthesia Devices Market Size, Share and Global By Product (Devices, Wall Mounted, Table Top), By Animal (Large, Small), By End User (Veterinary Hospitals, Veterinary Clinics), and Geography Forecast till 2026”. The report provides an in-depth market analysis and comprehensively evaluates the key market trends.

Anaesthesia refers to loss of sensation, which is caused when anaesthetic drugs block the signals that are carried by the nerves to the brain, during a surgical procedure. As the drug starts to wear off, sensations slowly start to come back. Anaesthesia is generally of two types: local (numbs a small part of the body) and general (makes you fully unconscious). Veterinary anaesthetic devices are designed to monitor anaesthetic drugs once they have been administered into animals. For example, pulse oximetry, attached to a dog’s tongue, non-invasively measures saturation of oxygen attached to hemoglobin.

Their purpose is to make diagnostic and other invasive procedures for non-cooperative or physically weak animals more comfortable. These devices are critical in detecting, preventing, or curing infections and diseases in animals as they monitor vital body functions during surgeries and other therapeutic procedures.

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Some of the key players in the global veterinary anaesthetics market, as identified by Fortune Business Insights, include

  • Patterson Vet Supply, Inc.
  • Midmark Corporation
  • Vetland Medical Sales and Services
  • Kent Scientific Corporation
  • Vetronic Services
  • Others

An Overview of the Impact of COVID-19 on this Market:

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Increasing Incidence of Various Ailments in Animals to Fuel Demand

The global veterinary anaesthesia devices market is set to grow considerably during the forecast period owing to the growing concern for preventing epizootic diseases. These diseases not only harms animals, but it can also be transmitted to humans. For example, Newcastle Disease is a contagious viral bird disease which humans can contract. Veterinary anaesthetic drugs and devices will play a major role in containing the outbreak of such diseases, thereby boosting the global veterinary anaesthesia devices market.

Increasing Pet Ownership to Widen Market Base

Pet adoption is becoming more widespread, especially of dogs, which is expected to enlarge the global veterinary anaesthetic devices market size during the forecast period. Pets such as dogs are highly susceptible to diseases spread by vectors such as ticks and lice. Since they are in proximity to humans, they are in constant danger of getting infected by life-threatening diseases such as rabies. Anaesthetic devices are, thus, crucial for treating infected and diseased pets, which bodes well for the global veterinary anaesthetic devices market.

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After-Procedure Complications May Restrain Market Growth

The global veterinary anaesthetic devices market may experience restrained growth owing to complications that are known to arise after the anaesthesia wears off. For example, one major disadvantage of inhalable anaesthetic drugs in animals is the occurrence of apnea which may lead to prolonged loss of consciousness. Some researchers also found symptoms of depression in animals who were subjected to such devices and drugs. These factors may impede the growth of the global veterinary anaesthetic devices market during the forecast period.

Technical Advancements to Drive Market Competition

Competition in the global veterinary anaesthetic devices market is expected to intensify following the launch of innovative products by market players and diversification of product portfolios by companies to gain a competitive edge. For example, Vetland Medical launched the EX-3000 anaesthesia machine which is fully operated and controlled electronically and is equipped with advanced safety features. Similarly, Zoetis recently acquired Abaxis with the view to develop point-of-care diagnostic instruments for veterinary professionals.

North America to Hold Major Market Share

North America is expected to occupy a dominant position in the global veterinary anaesthetic market during the forecast period. This is mainly on account of increasing cases epizootic episodes, growing pet adoption, greater technological advancements owing to presence of major market players, and well-established animal healthcare infrastructure. Asia-Pacific is expected to register a robust growth rate owing to growing awareness about animal diseases, development of veterinary devices and drugs, growing cattle and livestock population, and increasing pet ownership.

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