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Univar Solutions will massively boost on-site renewable energy production thanks to a collaboration with Motive Energy

The Univar Solutions Inc. firm, an international ingredient and chemical distributor and value-added services provider, announced today that it is going to partner with Motive Energy to deploy 1020kW of solar output as well as a 375kW/753kWh ESS at its City of Commerce, CA facility. Univar Solutions has recently finished solar projects at other worldwide

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More alleged space junk has reached India

The timeframe of the incident suggests the pieces may be Chinese rocket’s pieces that reentered the space that day, according to Indian authorities. The objects collided in Gujarat, causing “loud thuds that rocked the ground,” according to local media. As per the Indian Express, there were no fatalities or property damage. A black metal ball

Climate Energy

Univar Solutions is partnering with Motive Energy, a sustainable solutions provider, to substantially boost on-site renewable energy capacity

Univar Solutions Inc., which is a worldwide chemical and ingredient distributor as well as a provider of value-added services, announced that it will partner with Motive Energy to install 1020kW of solar capacity and an ESS with an overall energy capacity of 375kW/753kWh at its own City of Commerce, CA facility. Univar Solutions is expanding its on-site

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To satisfy rising demand, Quebec is launching wind and renewable energy projects

Hydro-Québec, which is a state-owned public utility, will issue two tender notices for large-scale renewable energy projects in order to fulfill rising electricity demand while staying true to the government’s environmental promises. Premier François Legault and Jonathan Julien, who is the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources made the news while in the province’s Gaspé area on Wednesday.