Electric vehicles Energy

UAW members oppose expanding direct sales to electric vehicle manufacturers

Members of the UAW (United Auto Workers) in New York are encouraging state lawmakers to oppose a proposal that would allow manufacturers to sell electric vehicles directly to consumers, citing fears that it would undermine a traditional business model which benefits manufacturers, dealers, and their employees. It’s also an illustration of how the state-mandated move to cleaner

Climate Energy

Univar Solutions is partnering with Motive Energy, a sustainable solutions provider, to substantially boost on-site renewable energy capacity

Univar Solutions Inc., which is a worldwide chemical and ingredient distributor as well as a provider of value-added services, announced that it will partner with Motive Energy to install 1020kW of solar capacity and an ESS with an overall energy capacity of 375kW/753kWh at its own City of Commerce, CA facility. Univar Solutions is expanding its on-site

Space Technology

Despite thruster difficulties, an Astroscale debris-removal demonstration gets close

Astroscale announced on May 4 that it accomplished another close approach rendezvous between its dual ELSA-d spacecraft last month, although that persisting thruster issues are delaying a capture demonstration that was originally scheduled for January. In January, four of Astroscale’s eight 1-newton thrusters failed aboard the ELSA-d servicer spacecraft, which is a 175-kilogram satellite meant to